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Buckhead Bail Bonding LLC was established in Lawrenceville, Georgia in 2015. Buckhead Bail Bonding is affiliated with Hotlanta Bonding Company which began operation as a Georgia company in 2004 with a commitment to servicing you, the client. This has been the cornerstone and hallmark of our organization.

We consciously keep our company relatively small in scope, although large in progressive and forward thinking concepts. We want to make your bail bonding experience agreeable, convenient and as hasslefree as possible.

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I have worked with several bail bonding companies over my 26 years in business and have yet to find a more professional, experienced and truly caring outfit than Buckhead Bail Bonding. They will bend over backwards to make certain everyone is happy and completely satisfied with the bail process.
Attorney Jim F. Atlanta
Serving Georgia, including Atlanta, Gwinnett County, and the metro Atlanta area. Buckhead Bail Bonding is the premiere bail bond company for all your bail needs.